how to get blog post idea

how to get blog post idea

In this post i am share how to get blog post idea for your upcoming there are some useful techniques for get blog idea

ways to find how to get blog post ideas

  1. Answer to public
  2. Google keyword resarch tool
  3. question on qoura
  4. Use Hubspot blog topic Genrator
  5. find out trending topic on google trends
  6. look for topics idea on buzzsumo
  7. Use Search Bar pinterest
  8. Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  9. Set Up Google Alerts
  10. Read your Blog Comments

first Answer too public is amazing tools to find out blog post ideas . its a free tool. go there site and put your idea in search bar see the lots of answer
 can write about on your blog.

see there are lots off ideas are created in this tools you can esaly download cvs file also.Google keyword resarch tool

Google keyword resarch tool

Google Keyword research tools its free tool to find out new keyword , keyword searches and get new blog post ideas.

you cab put your nich related keywords there and get keyword ideas appear in table like this

in this table no of ideas find in digital marketing search monthly searches competiton and many more , select high searches keywords and put on your blogs and get ranking on google.

question on qoura

qoura is the best way to find out blog ideas, in this platform number of community and member are there question answering each othere.
Search your topic or keyword on the search bar and find the most asked questions.
enter your topic on the search bar.

search your nich realted keyword in search bar gets blog ideas there .

Find questions with the most answers

Use Hubspot blog topic Genrator

hubspot blog topic genrator are amazing tools to get blog post ideas simply put keyword and blog topic and search new blogs ideas

than find the blog ideas click get blog ideas

after clicking give me blog ideas
you will receive a five blog topics to write about for the next week.

Find out trending topic on google trends

google trends are also to letest way to find out blog topics for tranding in internet.

simple put keyword and blog ideas on search bar and get find out blogs and tranding topic on google trends .

in this chart u can select higher serches keywords and higher searches blogs topic on google trends

also find pepole related search queries

look for topics idea on buzzsumo

buzz sumo is best way to find out blog post and most shar content post in internet .

you can simple enter keyword and blog idea get find result like this

you can analysis what pepole content share and most engageble ideas , and get selects the topics and write better blogs for your blogging topics .

Use search bar pinterest

one of the best way to get your blog post ideas pinterest search bar . printerest is most popular social media platform.

there some results apper and you can find out best and more sharble and pin infografice ideas.

Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator

portent,s content idea Generator is amazing tools go get blog idea for and keyword and topic you can search in search bar

press enter button you can get blog ideas are there

U can get refresh button and get more and more blog post ideas

it a good tools go get number of blog topics ideas there

Set Up Google Alerts

there is also amazing tools to latest tranding set up google alerts . you can get alert direcly in email alerts.

you can search topics in search bar and get ideas about relted topics in dropdown like this

you can get list of latest tranding topics there

Read your Blog Comments

after publishis your blog many blog readers ask about diffrent topics to writter there topics and publish on your blog ,get ideas on your blog comments audiences to get blogs ideas…..

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