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Hello, guys! Nirmal this site from digital nirmal .Today I discuss about HOW TO BOOST VISIBILITY IN lets start every blogger’s digital marketer want to

Fastly visible on search engine result page .so there are some technics i will discuss

About my blogs.

! analysis my site follows all factors of on the page.

2 use free and some paid tools to your better on page

3 structure of your site uI and UX

4 content

6 competitor analysis



In this section, i secures about SEO and on page techniques. if your site is fresh and newly designed and developed first u want to analysis on free and paid tools like.

SEO checker




There are some tools provide for u easily check about your on page score

There  some section of on page see after you use this tools like

1 meta title -use your meta title 70 characters.for best SERP result

2Meta Description-use your meta description to 160 characters

3 Keywords Usage-in keyword use you put ure keyword in title tags, meta description, and site URL also for ranking ure site.

4 Robots.txt Test-create free robots file for using free robots file creations

Smallseotools,seobooks ,SEO chat .u can check also if u apply robots file in your site-

5 Sitemap Test-create free sitemap for free tools if u not have a sitemap in your site


6 Broken Links Test-check about your site has broken links and remove and resolve it.

7 SEO Friendly URL Test-consider SEO friendly URL for every your site pages some example are

Avoid- $ % 123 @ symbols in your URL for better search.

8 Image Alt Test-use all image for image alt tags for image search and the logo of your brand in google image areas.

9 Google Analytics Test- submit our site with a google analytics tracking code for your traffic analysis i desired about google analytics for my upcoming blogs

10 Favicon Test-apply favicon on your site tab for better engagement your audition

11 Social Media Check-for better readability I suggest u for apply social media icon for better readability and share option .so reader and audition easily her you’re products and blogs for our networks.

12  mobile responsive –  make your site mobile responsive and faster because no off people check and search out in mobile devices.

use free and some paid tools to your better on page

I list out some free and paid tool for best and better on page and site analysis will help you for better page and site ranking.



Site checker







SEO PowerSuite


structure of your site UI and UX

Many of site make your site user Experience Design.and also the user interface.For better ROI, better engagement and become a brand.

What is user experience design is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product?

User Interface (UI) is a medium through which users interact with your website. Conventionally, it means action buttons, text, visuals or any tool that triggers interaction.

So if your site is eye catchy using video, an attractive text index, using proper HD images Essy layout using sitemap of our site .are better for boost your audition and traffic for sure site is also better for ur bouns rate of your site.

Some point for better UI AND UX

1 competitor analysis

2 strategy for website layout

3 use animated video

4 high revision images

5 check customer engagement on a daily basis on your site page

6 customer analysis what customer wants.

Content strategy

Content strategy is played a big role in a digital platform to engaged with a large number of your targeted audition .if you start your new website content strategy are boom your presents in digital word so make sure work about content strategy because the content is king.

Content strategy in a simple way if your exam is near so student makes a proper notes check out our syllabus. prepare a timetable for our study. Give time to each and every topic for passed out for the exam.

In a different field if you running an online blog, company, service provider and all over thins .you first decision about what customer wants and what can i server for better services .if customer is satisfied about your product service that’s the best and not engage work about content strategy.

Some topic I learn about the content strategy I list out here

1 first gives your persons on a search engine like google, bing, yahoo.

2 better website layout Ux and UI

3 content text are eye catch use

4 images play important role in every content strategy to make a sure image are good quality and attractive

5 videos are also engaged your audions in  your content strategy so put the quality video on your services page for better present

6 social sharing icons for your blogs areas.


  competitor analysis

Every field you face many competitors even offline market and online market. let me explain if you go to buy some smartphone there are many store and brands are available for providing our customer good and better service .if someone provided good quality services features overall customer are engaged with here and some provided lees and bad quality services customer goes competitor analysis play an important role in your services your brand ROI and success in your other areas

So regarding your field, many competitors are analysis daily basis .those activity those market strategies. so esaly fight back about our competitor


So point about competitor analysis

1 identify your top ten competitor

2 analysis your competitor content

3 analysis there seo structure

4 look at their social media integration

5 identify areas for improvement



So, guys, this is all about for rank your page and better visibility in SERP

If you have any questions about my first blog feel free to ask them in the comments section below. bye see you again in next blogs

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