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hello, friends welcome back again new amazing thing about keywords. keywords play important role in SEO and your SEO strategy.there are plenty of tools use SEO industries suggest our targeted keyword related to our product our services and many more. best keyword suggestion gives you better online presence in many search engines like bing,  yahoo, google also.so write don

#10 Quick Tips About Keywords In Seo

#1 analysis of your competitor keyword strategies and check out about our keyword in google keyword planner tool and also kwkeywordplane.and select best-targeted audions related keyword


#2 chose LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are basically keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword ex -digital marketing companies in India


#3 Keyword stemming is use full for every web pages and search engine optimization. chooses a relevant keyword for your site and put into your content part  for organic traffic in search engines


#4 targeted keyword and main keyword use in your site URL also and indexed it for better visibility in SERP


#5 avoid Keyword stuffing means overloaded your targeted in your content and meta tags its reduce your ranking in SERP


#6 selected keywords use in your

titel tage

meta tage


site url



#7 keyword density The percentage of time a phrase or a keyword appears on a page in light of the total numbers of the words on a web page is called Keyword Density. Keyword density of a web page is calculated by (Times a specific keyword repeated/Total words on a page) * 100.


#8 chose low keyword difficalty and low search volume keyword for fast ranking in search engine result page


#9 Grouping keywords this is another term for your keyword choosing chose a group of keywords  for help your about biding in PPC ,better ranking in search engines,improved click thro rate.


#10 some tools about keywords and their strategies



google keyword planner





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